Treacle Toffee Recipe

November 11th, 2008 by Rosa

From the Washington Post, an ode to treacle and treacle toffee. I’ve been saving my last bar of Walker’s for a special occasion, but if I can find treacle somewhere in the States to make my own toffee, I’ll be able to eat the Walker’s without remorse.

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4 responses about “Treacle Toffee Recipe”

  1. Sharon said:

    I stumbled across your entry whilst I was looking for a treacle toffee recipe. As a former brit, and knowing bonfire night was not to long ago, I felt the urge for some british toffee. After some research it looks like molasses can be used in the place of treacle.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I stumbled across your post looking for a recipe. Treacle and molasses are the same. I live in the U.S. in an area inhabited by English people. Treacle is sold as molasses in the United States.

    Good luck!

  3. Jennifer said:

    Wait I’m sorry. It turns out treacle and molasses are different syrups. But treacle can be made just as successfully with molasses.

  4. Tiffany said:

    You might check some of the import stores such as an Indian market or Greek store. I’ve found that treacle is available in both in almost every one I’ve been to in a variety of cities. Once in a while I’ve found a supermarket that might put it in their foreign foods section, but thats a hit or miss (although you might ask if they could place an order- I have found that works as well). But if you know of an Indian or Mediterranean grocery then they would quite likely carry Golden Syrup and Black Treacle. Good luck!