Flower’s Kiss Candy

October 10th, 2008 by Rosa

Another Asian treat sent as a free review sample by Asian Food Grocer. I was given free reign to pick what I wanted. In addition to pineapple Hi-Chew, I asked for Flower’s Kiss Candy because I was intrigued by the name. Would the Flower’s Kiss Candy taste like flowers? Thankfully, nope.

The Flower’s Kiss Candy turned out to be a sweet, fruity hard candy. Though it comes in a large assortment of prettily decorated wrappers, they’re all the same – a bumpy pink/red hard candy. It dissolved smoothly but also crunched up nicely and cleaved cleanly, a plus for me since I’m impatient and chomp on my hard candies.

Flavorwise, the Flower’s Kiss Candies reminded me of the Asian Juice candy I’ve previously reviewed. It’s lightly sweet and fruit-punchy, with an almost floral peach high note to its flavor. If it makes any sense, this particular candy’s peach flavor makes me think of fat pink Asian calligraphy peaches rather than the usual yellow/red peaches. An OM from me. I’m glad I asked for these from Asian Food Grocer; I’d seen it on the shelves of Asian grocery stores before but had never dared buy it in case it tasted like flowers. Yay for free samples!

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11 responses about “Flower’s Kiss Candy”

  1. Orchid64 said:

    The Japanese across the top says “milk” and “sumomo” (plum) candy. I think they’re supposed to be a mixture of both flavors as all the individual packets also say the same thing (despite having different designs).

    I could be wrong about sumomo. “Momo” is peach and “sumomo” is plum so the “su” may be something else. DId they taste a bit like plums and milk mixed together or were they definitely peach-flavored?

  2. Cocoazilla said:

    I suspect something was lost in translation on the name, but I know that this particular candy is nice and light without that sugary sick feeling.

  3. nikki said:

    i know theses are absoulutly yummy they do have a peach flavor but do remind me of the Litchi fruit its simillar in taste

  4. Sophie Wilson said:

    i love to eat asian foods because they are tasty and spicy.,`:

  5. Mellisa said:

    Flower Kiss candy is my favorite candy.

  6. Frances Pauli said:

    The best candy on the planet. I keep it in my pantry at all times. Very addictive, and yes, peachy.
    I used this candy as a model for the addictive fairy food in my novel! Its that good. yum is right.
    Now, any idea where I can get a truckload of it?

    🙂 Frances

  7. Kori B said:

    Got a bag of this from an older sister a few years ago for christmas. Did not know what it was, or where she got it as she lives out of town, but I decided to look it up as I was just thinking about it. It is all long gone by now of course, but it was very yummy, and it did not taste like peach to me.

  8. Tasha said:

    Okay, I hate to say this, but I live in NYC and my cousin discovered these once and was not able to find them again, I’ve searched high and low for them and couldn’t find them in chinatown in Manhattan or the chinatown in Brooklyn.

    Then my friend was going to Hong Kong so I asked him to look for them and try to bring me some back for my cousin. He too could not find them, and he finally got info from a candy store that there was chemicals found in the candy that were killing people so they stopped production!!!!

    I just did a search to try to find out more info and AMAZON is still selling them!!!! But I can’t find any info on them being banned, however I cannot read chinese and lots of the sites that popped up were in Chinese.

    Just a friendly warning; I trust my friend, so I thought I’d share this with you guys…it’s your decision ultimately, but I’d feel horrible if I didn’t let Flowers Kiss lovers know about this.

  9. Reviewer12 said:

    Tasha if you live in NYC then you would know that if you walked into any H-Mart they have these Flower Kiss candies by the boatload.

    Also the reason why your friend couldn’t find them in Hong Kong is because these are a Japanese brand candy, made and manufactured in Japan. So the text on the package is Japanese.

    After searching in Japanese I couldn’t find anything about these candies killing anybody let alone being harmful.

  10. thuy pham said:

    at first i didnt know wat this candy was called. my dad’s friend gave him a couple of flower’s kiss candy and he gave it to me. it was soooooo delicous and it didnt taste like peaches at all but if it did i wouldnt like it becauze i dont like peaches (no offense to the ppl who like or love peaches). but the candy is my favorite now. i just loooovvvveeeeee it!

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