Diamonds? Chocolate? Why not both?

July 17th, 2008 by Rosa

Got a spare $1,250 lying around? Who doesn’t, right? Clearly you want to spend that money on a dozen chocolates: 4 covered in 22-carat gold, 4 covered in pure silver, and 4 accented with diamond. You can find the Royal Collection at Cocoa Gourmet.

Kind of makes the gold-flake covered pralines (photo above) that Melissa from Viva Chocolato gave me look like small potatoes.

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2 responses about “Diamonds? Chocolate? Why not both?”

  1. Diana said:

    Something about “edible sweet diamond” seems tricky tricky…

  2. emily said:

    Yeah, I was made kind of irate by this website. It seems like they’re using a lot of prestige adjectives to pump up the price of an unspectacular product to spectacular proportions.
    Maybe the chocolate is amazing but if they care about making good things, can’t they make a good website?