Meiji Porte Hokkaido Milk

May 21st, 2008 by Rosa

I got a box of Meiji Porte Hokkaido Milk candies (available from Amazon or J-list) along with several other Japanese candies courtesy of my friend Michael. They were so delicious that I immediately thanked him for bringing them into my life.

I would call these candies vanilla creme over a light chocolate cookie with a thin chocolate shell, all dusted in cocoa powder. J-List describes them as “a Hershey’s Kiss shaped snack that is filled with a finely whipped white milk chocolate and covered with a delicious chocolate, with a air-infused layer of chocolate on the bottom and powdered with cocoa powder.”

The vanilla layer is sort of weirdly textured. It’s not creamy or foamy, but it does melt on the tongue. That must be the “finely whipped” part. It tastes of fresh, sweet cream. The chocolate cookie layer is super airy and crunchy. I loved it, but my roommate thought it a bit stale. The cocoa power that dusts the outside is sweet, not bitter like I expected.

My box had 12 individually wrapped candies inside. I shared a few and ate the rest, and I wish there were more. The deliciate flavors and the great textural combination earns these an OMG.

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3 responses about “Meiji Porte Hokkaido Milk”

  1. Shari said:

    I’ve had these (I live in Japan) and I think one thing to keep in mind is that Meiji currently is not making these in Japan so the batch you got may be indeed a bit old (which is why your roommate felt they were stale).

    Also, most Japanese “chocolate” is what would be termed “mockalate” in the U.S. because they don’t have standards for what can be called “chocolate” in terms of the percentage of cocoa butter. Anything can be called chocolate in Japan, and this stuff isn’t chocolate.

  2. Leslie said:

    Ooh, a couple of these were in the package of candy you sent me. I loved them… weird, but tasty!

  3. Debby said:

    I had these a while back and they were good, but the milkiness was too…something for me. I’m not sure what.