Sera visits The Chocolate Show

November 15th, 2007 by Rosa

Sera from Candy Addict got to go to The Chocolate Show that I had previously blogged about. It looks like she had a great time. So jealous! Maybe next year I’ll have time and funds to go myself.

My chocolate party was on Sunday, and it went well. Fourteen of my friends and I tasted our way through 13 different bars of chocolate. So much chocolate! It was a blast, and I highly recommend you try it with your friends.

Updating next week may be sketchy, as I’ll be super busy. I fly home for Thanksgiving break this Sunday, and all this week is massive preparation for the big Yale-Harvard football game on Saturday. It should be an excellent showdown, and I can’t wait. Check out the stats!

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2 responses about “Sera visits The Chocolate Show”

  1. Sera said:

    Awwwhh! Thanks so much for the mention! I wish you could have gone, it would have been great to walk the floor with you! 🙂

    Let me know if you’re ver interested in heading into NY for a Saturday to scope out some candy locations.

  2. AngelNicki said:

    I follwed you from Matthew’s blog, because I was intrigued! I’ve never heard of a candy blogger! Sounds awesome! My blog is not about candy, but I would certainly love to go to a candy show someday! I bet they have TONS of free samples!