French Chew Taffy – chocolate flavored

November 12th, 2007 by Rosa

I’m going to preface this review by letting y’all know I’m not a fan of taffy (BUY!). Laffy Taffy I can take in mini-sized increments, but even that I only eat when it’s all that’s left in the Kiddie Mix assortment. I don’t like how mild the flavor is. To me, eating taffy is kind of like eating a diluted, extra sticky, not as tasty Starburst.

So why do I keep buying taffy? Curiosity, I guess. I found French Chew Taffy (BUY!) at Economy Candy and picked up the chocolate version pretty much just because it was there. The chocolate taste was extremely mild in both taste and smell. It reminded me of a cheap cocoa powder.

The taffy itself was incredibly creamy, and the chew actually wasn’t too sticky. It didn’t glue my teeth together, so I could actually eat it! However, I did have some issues with peeling it off the packaging. The wrapper didn’t open very cleanly either, which was a pain with the sticky taffy.

I was surprised at how low in fat this bar was. If I remember correctly, Laffy Taffy gets pretty high in fat, especially of the saturated variety. The French Chew had only 1g fat, none of it unsaturated. Because it’s hard to eat taffy slowly, I guess a French Chew would be a good snack for dieters with candy/sugar cravings. Just don’t use it to satisfy your chocolate cravings, for no true chocolate cravings could be sated with this taffy’s diluted taste. An O. Worth the try to satisfy my curiosity, but not worth another go. I ended up throwing out the rest of my bar.

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  1. Shopping Jen said:

    Ah, but you missed out on the best way to eat the taffy!

    French Chew Taffy is often recommended as a substitute for a taffy of yore, Bonomo Taffy. Bonomo Taffy was best eaten by putting it in the freezer until hard, then taking the wrapped bar and smacking it hard on a counter, the floor – anyplace that could take the impact.

    The frozen taffy bar would shatter into pieces, which were easily eaten.

    Apparently, French Chew Taffy also shatters when frozen and smacked, so fans of the long-gone Bonomo buy it as a stand-in.

    If you don’t like the flavor of taffy, I don’t know if this trick for eating the French Chew would have made a difference or not. But for what it’s worth, there it is.