Nestle Aero Bubbles Mint

November 2nd, 2007 by Rosa

Why is aerated chocolate so popular in Europe but nearly unheard of in the U.S.? Before trying these Nestle Aero Bubbles (BUY!), I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. Big deal; bubbles in chocolate. How exciting could that be?

Honestly, not that exciting. I could feel the bubbles with my tongue, but they didn’t feel like anything special. It actually felt like more of a large grain than bubbles. You can kind of see the bubbles in the photo below.

It wasn’t until I found myself looking into my suddenly empty bag of these Aero Bubbles that I realized how the aeration made these guys ridiculously addictive. I think the bubbles increase the surface area of chocolate that’s exposed to your tongue, so you get this incredibly smooth, creamy melt that’s wonderful and keeps you reaching for the next textural experience.

The chocolate itself didn’t taste spectacularly special, but it was good enough. The Nestle chocolate wasn’t too sweet, and there was just a hint of mintiness in the green half of the ball. As far as I could tell, the green mint chocolate was just a shell, the the innards of the chocolate ball didn’t have any extra flavoring.

I bought these at Economy Candy. The bag was $1.25, I believe. If they were cheaper, I’d give them an OMG. For what I paid, the cost/yumminess ratio brings them down to an OM.

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  1. Leslie said:

    *sigh* What am I going to do next year when I come back home to the land of unaerated chocolate? I really, really like it. For me, the best part is that if you let it just melt on your tongue, the bubbles totally change the way it feels as it dissolves. Almost fizzy, in a way, but also creamy. mmm, now I want some chocolate!

    Anyway, there are several brands of aerated chocolate here, including Aero (it and the Kraft brand are the cheapest ones – I sort of think of Nestle as the Hershey’s of Europe, although that might not be exactly accurate); I’ve only had it in bar form, though, not balls.