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October 19th, 2007 by Rosa

From my personal experience, Twix (BUY!) is not a polarizing candy bar. Few can find fault with its blend of creamy chocolate, crunchy cookie, and oozy caramel. Consequently, few can resist polishing off both bars in a pack of Twix.

With Twix PB, the balance of tastes and textures is off, and I had no problem stopping my Twix PB consumption after a bite or two. According to the Wikipedia article on Twix, Twix PB is a relatively new development. I’d thought it was the same as the Peanut Butter Twix, just with a different wrapper and supposedly trendier name (the packaging looks like it was designed to appeal to a teenaged candy consumer), but they’re actually different. The Twix PB has a chocolate cookie, while the Peanut Butter Twix had the butter cookie of the original.

The butter cookie is my favorite part of the original Twix. I find that it has just the right touch of sweetness and a wonderfully sandy texture. The chocolate cookie in the Twix PB was disappointing all around. The texture was off, somehow, and it didn’t taste like chocolate. In fact, it didn’t taste like much of anything. Cookies aren’t supposed to be bland!

The rest of the bar was okay. The chocolate was your standard Mars coating; not bad, but nothing to crow about. The peanut butter was good, and it’s saltiness paired nicely with the sweet chocolate. But that tasteless, mal-textured cookie just ruined the whole bar from me. That bite you see missing in the picture is the only bite I took. I shared the rest with my friends, and none of them liked it enough to want to finish the bar either. When people don’t want you even when you’re free, you deserve no more than an O.

After reading that Twix article on Wikipedia, I really want to try some of those other Twix flavors, especially the fudge and the dark chocolate. Cybele on Candy Blog got to try the soon-to-be released Java Twix. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those when they finally come out.

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5 responses about “Twix PB”

  1. Alison of a Gun said:

    Everyone is dissing this candy bar, but it’s seriously my new favorite! I missed the old Peanut Butter Twix, but then I saw these and I was over it. Sadly I can only find them at the gas station or Target, so I have to stock up. I wonder if something’s wrong with me–I LOVE the Twix PB.

  2. Fat Louie said:

    I just tried this a few days ago, and I totally agree it was subpar. The cookie was like dust, and I also thought the peanut butter lacked the Reese-like sweetness necessary.

  3. Dee said:

    Twix PB are my new favorite candy bar. It is a great combination of chocolate cookie and peanut butter. I never ate a Twix bar before, so with this one — I have no comparisons to the past. Twix PB is great — not too sweet and lots of peanut butter.

  4. Becca said:

    I’ll have to try one of those to see for myself. They look so good, but from what I hear they’re just disapointing.

  5. peter said:

    yes they LOOK amazing and the concept sounds genius but the cookie part does taste like crunchy dust. and the peanut butter was like “what?”. no. just… terrible. do not be blown away when you try it.