Maple Sugar Candy

October 2nd, 2007 by Rosa

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit The Big E with the YPMB. We marched in the parade and then got some spare time to poke around and eat FAIR FOOD!!

I got my first taste of maple sugar candy in the Maine “capitol”. I’ve wanted to try maple sugar candy since I was little girl reading about it in Little House in the Big Woods, when Laura and the family help sap the trees and have a big maple syrup party. Ma and the other womenfolk stirred and stirred a pot of maple syrup over the fire, and one of them yelled, “Quick girls, it’s graining!” and all the little kids had plates and saucers of snow, and they got the cooked maple syrup poured over their snow, and it hardened into candy. I first read that in first grade, and I still remember that scene (though I probably got some of the details wrong) because I wanted to try that maple candy so badly!!

I bought three varieties in “Maine.” The large chocolate blob in the photo is chocolate covered maple sugar candy with nuts. I’m pretty sure the nut pieces were walnuts. This candy had a crumbly texture. I’m not even sure if it was actually candy, per se; it looked and tasted like a pure chunk of maple sugar, maybe with a little butter added in an attempt to get it to hold together. The maple sugar taste was so strong that it completely overpowered the chocolate coating, which barely registered on my palate, and I found it way too sweet to be enjoyable. My friends ate it though. If you like the cloyingly sweet taste of fudge, you’d probably be able to handle this. I almost couldn’t bear the smell of it in my dorm room. An O.

The light gold maple leaf was basically just a molded, hardened chunk of maple sugar. If you took brown sugar, wet it so that it clumped, and then pressed it into a maple leaf mold, you’d get a good enough approximation of this treat. Another O.

The beautifully translucent amber maple leaf was maple hard candy. This gem had a wonderfully rich and mellow maple syrup flavor without the intense sugar overload, and it melted smoothly on my tongue. I’d give this an OM.

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2 responses about “Maple Sugar Candy”

  1. Katie said:

    oh my goodness, that’s me!
    also, i liked the chocolate maple candy, though really it was too sweet. i think if it had been in smaller bits, with a higher proportion of chocolate, it might have been a lot better.

  2. Prettytastyreviews.blogspot said:

    I’m a maple syrup expert and eat tons of real maple goodness every week.
    The formed maple leaf that you say is too sweet-that one is pur maple sugar with nothing added.
    You can also add small bits of it to your coffee or tea for extra flavor.

    The wrapped maple candy, those are usually made with glocose syrup or corn syrup and a small amount of actual real maple.

    So maybe you just need to eat a tiny bit of sugar at once and enjoy :)