First Home Game!

September 22nd, 2007 by Rosa

Here’s where I let my personal life creep into my candy blog, as promised in my opening post. I’m so excited about today’s home opener! Go Bulldogs! Yay football!

Let’s make this candy related: We’re playing Cornell, aka the Big Red. Big Red is also the name of a cinnamon gum that I hated as a kid because it was so spicy. Now that I’m old enough to appreciate cinnamon gum, I wonder if I’d like it… Must buy Big Red gum for a taste test soon.

Ta da! Everything in life can be tied to candy!

update: We won, as expected. Final score, not so expected: 51-12.

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2 responses about “First Home Game!”

  1. Katie said:

    woo, go bulldogs! also, hurray for candy blog!

  2. Rita said:

    Man, for a minute I was like “Um, dudes, we don’t go to YAL…” and then I realized the E was hidden.

    Hooray blogging! You sound just exactly like you.