Free 5 gum!

September 15th, 2007 by Rosa

EDIT: This contest is now closed.

I got this pretty sweet package in the mail from BzzAgent for their new 5 gum promotion.

It’s enough gum to keep me chewing for a while, so I thought I’d share it with the rest of the world. I’ve opened the Flare (cinnamon) already, but I’ll give away the Cobalt (peppermint), Rain (spearmint), and the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons. Just leave a comment with your email address (Only I will be able to see it, and I promise not to send you spam) by Saturday, September 22. If several people enter, I’ll do a drawing. If not that many people enter, then everyone wins! Unless you live outside of the U.S., in which case I can’t afford to mail you gum. Leslie is an exception to this rule, because she is awesome.

I’ll try to have a review of this gum up next week. Right now, I’m chewing a piece of Flare (I feel like such an idiot, calling my gum Flare flavored), and it’s pretty good. I’ve been chewing for a while, and the flavor is still going strong.

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34 responses about “Free 5 gum!”

  1. Bryan said:

    Great site. It’s on my daily list of sites to read with my morning cup of coffee. I’ve tried the “Cobalt” flavor and like it quite a bit. However, it’s the cool packaging that I like the most.

  2. Brian said:

    I was out shopping today, and they were handing out free samples in the store. I did not try it because of the sugar free aspect (for me the aftertaste is too strong), so i’m curious to what you think. Looking forward to your review.

    Great site! It’s first on my list of “Candy” sites.

  3. Cecilia said:

    I’ll bite for some free gum! :lol I enjoyed reading your review about the gum. Makes me want some now.

    You know I did the buzz agent thing awhile back. Many of them were dissapointing. A sugar substitue that made folks go “yuk”. Cents off coupons for smoked sausage. Couldn’t even give them away. The last one was a bit better. It was for an antihistamine. And when I asked them what they thought? They said well, it’s an antihistamine, what should I think? Thanx for the sample. That is when I decided to give up being a Buzz agent.

  4. Kate said:

    gum? Rain?
    it’s supposed to rain Thursday.

  5. Sinfony said:

    rainn ;]

  6. Danny said:

    hey i love all the flavors..they r soo good..i am chewing rain right now and i had it in my mought for like 3 hours now and it still ahs its flavor

  7. aidan said:

    my name is aidan and my email is

  8. Ben Mikola said:

    this gum rocks. it lasts forever!!!!!!!!!
    cobalt is my favorite
    it is soooooooooooooooo good

  9. Tara said:

    i want
    some gum . . .

  10. Stefan said:

    that gum looks good can i get some

  11. Jack said:

    my name is jack. If ur still giving away gum can i PLEASE have some

  12. Jack said:

    my email is

  13. Drew said:

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  15. promosyon said:

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  16. Madeleine said:

    how did you get this from bzzagent?

  17. jimmy said:

    hey I love this gum. I will take the gum coupons

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  19. Renoisiv said:

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  21. Alex said:

    PICK ME PLLZZZZZZ I want gum lol. 5 is my favorite gum. I love that it last long!

  22. ipek promosyon said:

    it is soooooooooooooooo good

  23. tyrone said:

    hey i want some free gum

  24. dustin said:

    thaat gum is wicked STIMULATE YOUR SENSES!!!

  25. lexi said:


  26. steve o said:

    this gum gives life a whole new meaning

  27. Trever said:

    can you please send me the 5 gum thing please

  28. Ravageur said:

    I want one also FLARE

  29. Ravageur said:

    Anybody know where can I find free gum 5 from Wrigley’s

    If Wrigley’s make new promotion tell me it…

    Have a good day all !

  30. Jannat Williams said:

    duh you would still be chewing its the best gum in the makes my day the best and i love it

  31. suzie said:

    myyyyyyyyyyyy life is 5 gum and im ozzie so yeah why dont we get cinnamon???? uhmmmmmm :/

  32. Tyler said:

    were do i get flare, rain ,lush, elixir & solstice

  33. jesus said:

    the other day i was at school and i asked my friend for a piece of gum and he gave me a 5 react and it was a gold wrap on the gum it was bomb

  34. Caitlin said:

    Hey I love I <3 5 Gum