Chocolate and Strawberry Cow Tale

August 29th, 2007 by Rosa

I’ve had the regular Goetze’s caramel creams (BUY) before, and I liked them, but I found the weird texture of the caramel to be somewhat off-putting. The Chocolate and Strawberry Cow Tales also suffered, and in the Cow Tales, the weird texture became an insurmountable hurdle, possibly because the caramel to cream ratio is different.


food-blog-pictures-145.jpgThe Chocolate Cow Tale isn’t very chocolatey in taste or smell. It reminded me of a bland Tootsie Roll. The bland chewiness of the Cow Tale descended into near waxiness after a while. Not exactly a pleasant experience. The cream in the center is the same as that of the caramel creams – a sweet cream taste with an oddly pasty, almost grainy texture. My description didn’t make the cream sound very appetizing, but it’s actually addictively tasty, especially when it comes in a good sized portion in the caramel creams.


food-blog-pictures-146.jpgI had high hopes for the Strawberry Cow Tale. Upon unwrapping it, I immediately noticed the strong, sweet smell of artificial strawberry. Unfortunately, it did not taste nearly as fruity as it smelled and suffered from the same issues that plagued its chocolate counterpart.

I wonder if these guys taste better in their caramel cream form, where the caramel and the cream parts are much more substantial. Sadly, the dimensions and proportions of the Cow Tales just didn’t work for me.

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  1. Sarah Ener said:

    I love the strawberry cowtails. I took all three flavors to work, and strawberry was the love of all. The caramel ones are good, and because the it is a softer caramel that the caramel creams, I think it is better than the traditional caramel creams. However, I have this memory of caramel creams from a local candy shop in Virginia that were the best ever. Nothing really outshines homemade soft caramel.