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Toffifay aka Toffifee

August 15th, 2007 by Rosa


I bought a 4-pack of Toffifay (BUY) from the newstand on Chapel Street near school. They were terribly stale, as they had probably been sitting on the shelf for ages, but they were still tasty, a testament to this terrific trio of flavors. More recently, I saw these at Wal-Mart in a pack of 15 and jumped at the chance to taste the not-stale version. I was not

As the inelegant copy on the box notes, a Toffifay is “a whole hazelnut in chewy caramel with chocolate hazelnut filling and chocolate.” I’m no ad writer, but really, that was the best they could do? The candies themselves are much more creative. The Toffifay is a thin caramel cup thatfood-blog-pictures-049.jpg contains a whole hazelnut embedded in a chocolate/hazelnut (think Nutella) filling with a little circle of chocolate on top.

The caramel is stiff and chewy, while the chocolate/hazelnut filling is smooth and creamy. Try turning them upside down so that the chocolate disc hits your tongue first. The candy is a little on the sweet side but manages to avoid being cloying. I think the whole hazelnut helps mitigate the sweetness of the caramel and chocolate.

These cute candies would look great on a desert tray alongside petit fours, and their unique design is eye-catching. They’re made by Storck (BUY), the company that makes Werther’s Originals and Riesens, and apparently, they’ve been around since 1973.

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