Limited Edition Carnival Skittles

August 2nd, 2007 by Rosa

carnival-skittles.jpgLimited edition candies may be a marketing ploy to snare the impulsive shopper, but they’re also a great way for candy makers and consumers to try out a new spin on familiar favorites. Also, candy consumers are more willing to buy unfamiliar candies if they’re associated with a familiar brand. Limited Edition Carnival Skittles are an interesting departure from regular Skittles, but I won’t be sad to see them go.

The Carnival flavors are:

Bubble Gum (pink) – Tastes just like sweet, sugary bubble gum. For lack of a better word, this Skittle tastes like pink.

Cotton Candy (turquoise) – This tastes initially like sugar, followed by a hint of artificial blue raspberry (not to be confused with fresh raspberry).

Candy Apple (pale yellow) – This one also tastes initially like sugar but, quite logically, followed by a hint of apple flavor rather than blue raspberry. The apple flavor is actually quite nice and reminds me of apple flavored Fanta.

Red Licorice (red) – I am not a fan of red licorice candy because I think it tastes like wax. Somehow, Skittles managed to encapsulate that waxy essence. I’m impressed, assuming that the waxy taste is not just my imagination.

Green Slushy (light green) – I saved the best for last! On first bite, there’s a sharp lime taste. The lime flavor then mellows out into a sweet lemon-lime. It’s more complex than a regular lime Skittle, and more enjoyable. My favorite normal Skittles are the citrus ones, so it’s no surprise that I liked Green Slushy the best. Candy Apple is okay, but I found the initial sugar taste off-putting and too sweet.

That was my issue with this bunch of Skittles overall – three of the five flavors tasted of mostly sugar, which got bland and cloying. I polished off the Green Slushy ones (OM) and left the rest (O) for my family to finish.

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6 responses about “Limited Edition Carnival Skittles”

  1. miley said:

    where can u buy carnival skittles??

  2. miley said:

    im in peterbrough so would they probly sell them here and what stores??-miley

  3. joshua said:

    skittles made a new choclate one its all choclate i dont like it myself it tatses like artifacial choclate

  4. pam said:

    really want some of these skittles
    where can i get some??

  5. Nicole said:

    No one sells these any more! They’re like…extinct! Not even on ebay! Sob…

  6. liz234 said:

    where do we by these?